Thursday, 10 August 2017

5 ways to simplify your life instantly

We all want to be successful, but Stress is turning out to be our biggest health problem. It often feels like we are always racing against time & tide. Mostly it is also for a simple reason because we have complicated our lives way too much.

We can simplify it almost instantly, while we seek success with these things you can do to simplify your life:
1. Learn the art of time management: it is the most valuable resource, Value it, use it wisely, stop being late or keeping people waiting for you. You make someone wait, someone makes you wait , its a viscous circle and in this whole process you lose so much of valuable time and energy which could have been used doing something else effectively. Some situations are unavoidable I understand, but tackle those which are in your control. Keep a buffer in your schedule for those unavoidable circumstances. A wise man once said Time is everything! So master it, tame it or do whatever you can to use it well.
2. Plan better - planning is a brilliant skill and it can be mastered with practice. Planning process  makes you look at your current situation analytically and allows you to figure out a way forward to achieve your goal. It could be something as small as your daily routine or a long holiday or a big career change. Planning let's you De-clutter and focus on just 'that' specific goal. A good plan cuts out the stress of "Now what?". Great planning requires preemptive thinking which changes the game completely. Start with making a TO DO LIST daily. Trust me, striking off the tasks from that checklist feels awesome !! Any successful person I know of has been there & done that. Yes you don't have to forget the impromptu element of your life but remember you can't apply that on everything & Every time.
3. Get healthier: You only live as long as your body & mind let you. So invest time in getting healthy or healthier. We all have at some point felt that we do enough to stay healthy like stopping alcohol intake or going for a walk daily. But how do you know if that is enough for a body & lifestyle like yours? Your body gives you signs listen to them, aim to be your healthiest version, it cant go wrong right?. Eat well & exercise and most importantly sleep well. All of these getting healthy mantras won't work if you don't rest your body well. Don't complicate the process too much. A healthy mind & body will help you achieve your goals faster and alongside enjoy every minute of your life. Someone once told me that we all want to be successful, but we must also want to be able to enjoy our success.
4. De-clutter big time: With technology taking over our lives we struggle between a digital & a Normal life and maintaining that balance. Don't get consumed with all these new offers new deals, new accounts, apps, networking sites & new bank cards. Simplify your life try to keep one email id, one bank account, One credit card and watch how free you feel. I am in the process of doing this and it feels liberating. The point is not to do what I am doing but instead do things that reduce your work & stress. Cut the nonsense out , whether it's things, habits or people. Don't get sucked into the trend of so many to choose from, it doesn't work for everyone in fact most of the time it leaves you more confused than ever.
5. Re-invent yourself: Pick up a new hobby or activity, get out of that mundane life. Each time we try to learn something new we span out of our comfort zone. It's liberating for our minds. Freeing ourselves and exploring new aspects of our own self. Yoga, Art, music or dance are catalysts in fighting stress and a wholesome mental development.And you definitely need a healthy mind to succeed faster & better.A better version of ourselves always propels us ahead in life.

That's all for now, Stay happy stay inspired!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Art therapy for your Parents

As our parent grow older, they have lesser creative & constructive entertainment options. I see most of them resort to those typical 'saas-bahu' TV shows, whatsapp or struggling on Facebook.
Perhaps we as children need to rekindle their creative side for two primary reasons, one aging is tough process almost like puberty where one needs time to understand what is happening inside the body & how it is affecting their daily lives, and two because once the kids are all grown up & independent parents are left feeling a bit abandoned. Because they have spent most of their life making us their priority now that we don't need them so often leaves them with enough time to explore something new.
There are multiple things you can encourage your parents to try based on their interests.
I will talk about my favorite - ART!

Art can be very beneficial  as a therapy for even older adults who need to manage stress or pain, or any sort of illnesses.

Some of the benefits of using art therapy include:

1. Improved brain function:
Painting , sculpting and similar pursuits are a way to challenge the mind and promote cognitive abilities. It is said that act of being creative can serve to uncover connections and passions about the world. For extreme cases of people living with advanced memory loss art therapy can be a way to communicate and offer seniors to be expressive.

2. Reduced stress & channelize positive energy:
The pressure of ageing often makes them cranky, irritable & generally unhappy about things. Not only art therapy is a way to combat signs of dementia but also gives an opportunity to work through anxiety and negative feelings. The calming nature of painting, coloring or other creative pursuits is a way to forget about larger stresses and promote healthy and happy feelings.
Overall art therapy can be a rewarding experience even for individuals who aren’t  specifically living with negative feelings. Coloring's calming effect can have a positive impact on all adults and a new creative outlet can unlock hidden creativity & positivity.

3. Alleviating pain:
Hypertension, arthritis and other disorders can cause chronic pain and these may be exacerbated by emotional pain or other ailments. Not only the relaxing nature of art therapy reduce these issues but also can reduce physical ailments and stiffness.
Regular art therapy or coloring engages the fingers, arms and hands. The light but consistent physical activity can promote better blood flow and dexterity. With time adults who begin painting or sketching may feel more nimble and experience less pain. For anyone living with arthritis, art therapy won’t stop the chronic pain but relaxation therapy like art therapy can be a way of managing and controlling discomfort.

Now, yes it would be difficult to put in a canvas & paint brush in front of your parents & expect them to dish out masterpieces. 
So I would recommend you start with simple & easy Coloring book.
My Coloring book for adults is called Umeni Therapy, easily available on the Amazon in India on the link below:
It's easy to carry around, not a messy option as you can use gel pens, color pencils and even pointed crayons to color the book.
The feedback from my older adults group has been fantastic, so it would be great if you introduce this to your parents too.
Happy Coloring!